Hilary {Studio Bridal Boudoirs}

Hilary was getting married in the fall and had been recommended to me by a friend who had also had boudoirs done with me.  She wanted bridal boudoirs to give to her fiancee as a wedding gift.  These are so classic and stunning and made for a very special and personal wedding gift.

Spring Mini Sessions

Spring here around our country property is quite beautiful so this year I decided to host a spring mini session event.  We had a great day capturing some wonderful memories.

Sabrina {Studio Boudoirs}

Lovely Sabrina had been into the studio just prior to these with a girlfriend who was having a boudoir session done for an anniversary gift for her spouse for moral support and wardrobe help.  She enjoyed the process so much that she decided to come back to have them done for her spouse also for a surprise gift.  The light was bright and contrasty that day and made for some fun shots.  Such a natural beauty is this lovely lady.

Baby Natalie {Studio Newborn}

Beautiful baby Natalie was so sweet and slept like a champ for her first session in the studio.  Like with her older sister, her mom wanted some photos with a couple of keepsakes she had including a gorgeous box with her mom and dad’s names on it that was made for their wedding as well as a beautiful baby blanket that was a family heirloom.  Couldn’t get over all that pretty brown hair she had!

Jadyn & Lily {Studio Milestones}

My daughter Jadyns fourth birthday and our family adding our kitten Lily to our family happened within the same couple of weeks this year.  It seemed fitting to try and get some four year photos of Jadyn with her new little furry sister as Jadyn is still home with me everyday (until the fall…sigh) and these two spend a lot of time together everyday.

Jadyn is and has always been our wild child.  She spends most days signing and dancing and insisting she can keep up with her eight year old big brother who is quite the opposite and spends a lot of time trying to slow her down and protect her.  I love that she’s a girly tomboy who enjoys and isn’t scared to try just about anything.  I can only hope she always keeps her confidence and zest for life as it will serve her well later in life.

So here are both my spunky, beautiful girls playing together in the studio.

Despite what her shirt says she’s anything but “peaceful”, but joy and glitter are definitely two words I would use to describe her. 🙂



Studio Boudoir

A stunning silhouette and some sexy shots of this beauty taken in the studio.


New Years Eve {RCAF-Trenton, Ontario}

This New Year’s Eve I had the pleasure of photographing the Junior Ranks New Year’s party at RCAF in Trenton.  I was hired to setup a fun photo booth for guest to be able to have some candids taken.  It was a wonderful and memorable evening ringing in the New year with a live band, a lovely meal and a really fun group of people.  Here’s a fun one of the band “Tailgate” from the evening.

Winter Fireside Mini Sessions ~ {Frankford}

This year I wanted to try offering something a bit different to my clients as an alternative to traditional Christmas photos in the studio so I decided to try doing outdoor fireside mini’s out back behind the studio instead.  I held them on the two weekends just prior to Christmas in hopes for snow for them and although we started them with barely any, I was pleasantly surprised to end them with a beautiful white blanket over everything.  Either way they were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone just having fun around the fire, especially the little ones roasting marshmallows.  A definite must again in the future!

Child Portraits {Studio}

A client of mine wasn’t overly thrilled with her sons school photos so she decided to come to me to have them taken again in the studio.  I think the first time I photographed David he was only four and now at nine is so much more grown up.  Such a smart and handsome boy.

Photos with Santa {Global Pet Foods-Trenton}

I was hired by Global Pet Foods and Doggie Detailing in Trenton to photograph photos with Santa to help raise money for Heal with Horses.  This was such a fun event for such a great cause and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!